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From how I understand this song, its about being able to live your life to the fullest. It’s about living your life as if you were to die tomorrow. It’s about how we should take chances and to not be afraid to fail.

It’s about how we should not look back to the past with regrets. Our mistakes and shortcomings made us better and wiser.

I just love hearing this song because it is way too good to be ignored. Somehow, this song has its ways of making me feel positive about the future.

I hope we all get to live the rest of our lives in the best way possible.

Hope we all get the chance to have a “ROOFTOP moment” and just scream our hearts out! 🙂


I do not own the video.

I got it from youtube.

Yes. You read it, right!

It’s been a month since I decided to start writing again and let the whole world know about it. I have to say that It’s been a fruitful month for me. Your responses to my posts really made me happy. I know I have so much to learn about writing and I know that my works aren’t that great but I’m really glad that you guys just didn’t care. You all just read way past my words and just understand.

I intend to keep this blog going and I hope as time goes by I hope I’ll be able to improve my writing and be able to reach a lot more people.

So to all my followers and readers,

I want to say thank you for reading my works. Thank you for giving my stranger self your time and appreciation. I’m glad that even though you don’t guys don’t know me personally, you still believe in my writing and most of you even give me words of encouragement and hope.

You guys are awesome and I’m lookng forward for many months and years writing mg crazy stupid rants an what not.

And oh, I’m looking forward to hearing more from you guys. If you could give me advice and suggestions as to how to write better, I’d appreciate it.


“Perhaps we all give the best of our hearts uncritically–to those who hardly think about us in return.”
― T.H. White, The Once and Future King

It makes me wonder what pushed the brilliant author, T.H. White, to write those hauntingly painful words. It makes me want to ask him “Who broke your heart?”.

Well, I guess I will never know why he wrote those words. But I know why I can relate to it. It seems like an arrow was shot directly to my heart. There I go again, with my sad sobby words. Anyway, I think most of us at one point in our lives experienced giving the best of our hearts to people who can’t do the same for us.

And It is such a shame when you have so much love to give but the person you intend to give it to just couldn’t take it. But that’s how love works, you may never know if your love will ever be reciprocated. That’s what’s beautiful about it, the elements of mystery and surprise.

Loving is not a walk in the park especially if the object of affection  does not love you in return.

But True love means not asking for something in return. It does not involve rushing to be in a relationship and it isn’t even about just finding someone to get you through your cold nights!

True love is about learning how to wait patiently for the perfect timing and for the person perfect for you. It’s about giving and giving even more. It’s about knowing that you found that one person that you want to spend you whole life with and making him feel always loved and wanted. Its about respecting yourself and the other person.

How I wish, we could all just find true love and live happily every after, just like in the movies.

But then Again, this is real life and life is what we make it and love like you have never been hurt before.

My life’s getting more boring than ever. Thinking of ways to shake things up a little.

They say we only have one life and we should savor every moment of it.

I think that’s something that I really need to do.

I need to lessen my worrying and live a lot more.

Now where do I start? 🙂

I’m thinking about taking a few classes again…

I got my college degree in Nursing last 2009 and its 2012 already but I still haven’t put it to good use.

I’m thinking maybe I may never be able to use it at all.

Coming from a single pay-check household, it was almost a miracle that my mom was able to send me and my sister to college, considering we were living off her Public School teacher salary. Taking up nursing was never my idea, it was my mom’s. She thought it was the quickest way for me to land a job and probable work abroad.

I’m pretty sure most parents who asked their kids to take up nursing have the same reasons in mind.

But it didn’t worked out that way, Nurses here in the Philippines are over-flowing in numbers but the jobs available couldn’t even accomodate 10% of the population. Its hard to find a job for nurses, there was even a point when the hospitals are charging a fee for nurses who wants to work or be trained in their institution! Nurses who joined this program are called “VOLUNTEER NURSES/ TRAINEE NURSES.”

IMAGINE PAYING IN ORDER FOR YOU TO WORK? That’s just crazy, isn’t?

It went on for a few years until the government put a stop to it. But still is still as bad as it was. Although NOW, you don’t have to pay a joining fee or training fee, but still you get to work full time with just PHP100-250 (That’s US$ 2.5-5 per day) and some don’t even get paid. Some are affiliated for free and received nothing at all in return, not even benefits like health  insurance, or meal allowances.

For those who were able to land a real nursing job or the so called “STAFF NURSE ITEM”, they are really lucky. Some of them VOLUNTEERED or were TRAINEE NURSES FOR MONTHS and even OVER a year until their respective hospitals decided to absorbed them as their own full-pledge staff nurses. SOME REALLY DESERVING TOPNOTCHERS got hired right on the spot. and JUST LIKE IN A LOT OF CASES, SOME KNOWS Someone who can pull the strings for them and get them an item. No matter how they got their own STAFF NURSE ITEM, it doesn’t matter, Being a nurse is already an honor. NURSING is a tough work and what makes it even tougher is that you are sacrificing a lot, you are over worked but you are under paid and under appreciated.

From what I have heard from my friends who are still pursuing nursing as a career, the salary of aRegular PRIVATE HOSPITALSTAFF NURSE ranges from PHP 9,000- 15,000 per month (That’s around US$200-350 per month )depending on the hospital that your affilated with. As for the GOVERNMENT STAFF NURSES it ranges from PHP 18,000-25,000 (Around US$ 400-550 per month), for the government nurses, it’s not a bad range but ofcourse the nurse-patient ratio is definitely higher and much heavier workload.

Some people asked me why I haven’t pursued nursing as a career. They said if I volunteered my service for a year then maybe I’d get a staff nurse item. And yeah, they are probably right, but I still chose not to. Mostly because I don’t want to remain a burden for my mom. I mean, she’s the one who’s gonna suffer if I volunteered. Imagine, She’ll have to give me money for the training fee and money for my transportation and meal expenses during the entire training/volunteering period. I have seen the things that she sacrficed in order for me to finish school and get my license. I think she’d sacrifice enough and I thought that now that I graduated its up to me to return the favor.

So I worked in non-nursing related industries in order to earn for myself and help out my mom.

I think I was able to that but I still don’t fill fulfilled. Like I needed to do something different with my life, I wanted to touch other people’s lives, be an inspiration and to just be able to help, and I could have done all that as a nurse but I hadn’t had the chance so now I’m thinking maybe I’d get a teaching certification.

Yes, I’m considering teaching as my new dream and in order for me to attain that I should enroll myself in the PROFESSIONAL TEACHING CERTIFICATION PROGRAM. The good thing about this program is that I can take it online and I can attend classroom discussion once a week, which means I can still work while studying. I’ve actually been thinking about it for almost a year but still haven’t enrolled because I want to be absolutely positive about it and waiting for my funds to be completed….

The good news is, 2-3 months from now I think I can be able to come up with the full payment for 1 semester and for the modules and other expenses.. I’m actually pretty excited about it, though it may empty my pocket, its my investment for my personal growth. 🙂

So do you guys think I should do it? Do you think I should get that teaching certification?

Or do you guys think I should just stick to the job I have now?

I need your opinions! 🙂

The black and white world is now in vivid colors.

The darkness fades, and whites became vibrant.

I never knew red can be at its reddest

and that grays can turn to blue.

Everything I’m seeing now is better than before.

I look at the stars, who knew it shines brighter the sun?

I feel the wind in my face, who knew it sends shivers in my spine?

This feeling, I’m free-flowing and like everything’s sure.

This World in Vivid colors, I never thought this day would come.

When fears and insecurities all seem to be gone.

When every endings becomes new beginnings.

When you are losing yet you keep on playing.

There’s colors everywhere and it’s because…

I choose to let you go and accept the loss.

Everything’s in place except you.

You didn’t choose me and that’s my cue.

But no matter how many colors there is,

the color of your eyes will always be something that I’d miss.

but there’s nothing I can do..

This world in vivid colors simply means

its my world without you.

I know I said that I’ll post my weekly SBT “SHOULD BE TOGETHER” couple but lately I’ve been kinda busy so I haven’t posted for quite some time now. So Today I’m BACK!!!!!!!!!!! With my new SBT couple of the week!!!

Are you guys excited??? MY SBT COUPLE IS NONE OTHER THAN…..


No offense to Reese Witherspoon’s new husband, But I really thought that REESE and RYAN’s marriage would last a lifetime.

I first saw this couple way back 1999, the CRUEL INTENTIONS days as I call it. I think at that time, the two blondies are already dating. I must admit, I had a thing for Ryan. There’s just something about him that makes me want to see more of him, in a wholesome kind of way, just to be clear. He has this bad-ass, curly unkempt hair going-on that works wonders for him, In short, He is oozing with sex appeal. Reese,on the other hand, who can not love her, she has this perky vobe and a smile that can light up the whole room. Its no wonder it was love at first sight for this two. 🙂 I mean, I seems like they are made for each other. They met when the were really young, I think they were on their early 20’s and they got marrieda few years after that.They were a match made in heaven. They were even blessed with 2 wonderful kids. I really wonder what went wrong?

They were so perfect. I know these two have moved on, but I think they will always have a place in their hearts for each other, not only because they have kids together, but also because they are a huge part of each others’ lives and no one can ever change that.

So there you go Folks, SBT #2 Reese and Ryan! 🙂 What are your thoughts?