Last April 15-21, I had the privileged to watch the Philippine Volcanoes fight their way to win the Asian 5 Nations 2012 Division 1 tournament. It was my first time to watch them play. I have been hearing about how good our rugby team is, but it wasn’t until November last year when a friend insisted that I should watch their videos online that I got drawn to it. I heard they’re good but I didn’t know that they’re great.

From winning A5N Division IV in 2008, Division III in 2009, Division II in 2010 and becoming Division I Champion this year. The future is absolutely looking bright for these men. Next year, they are set to fight in the Elite division which is the A5N Top 5.

Seriously! These guys are so blessed! Having pure strength and talent and smoking hot body and good looks combo, its just crazy! Although some are questioning their status as filipinos (coz most of the guys are based abroad and are of mixed race),  I say, It does not even matter! Filipinos are Filipinos, it does not matter if we are of pure or mixed heritage. We all have one blood  and we sprung from the one country. We should all support each other.

And Yes, I think I’m a fan of these boys. Who wouldn’t be? Watch them play and they will win you over in a second, or nanosecond!

And for those who are already a fan of the Volcanoes, Tell me who your favorite volcano is?

And I might just tell you mine!