Friedrich Nietzsche once wrote, “Without music, life would be a mistake.” 

And I agree with him, Life will indeed be a mistake without it. I am no singer and I have no actual talent in music except if you count my “toddler-esque” piano-playing ability. But I get music and I think music gets me too.

Every time I hear a song that speaks about  sadness, hope, dismay or whatever real emotions there is, I easily get affected by it. Especially at times, when I am so down and all I just do is lay in my bed and listen to music and suddenly for a moment there, it seems like all my worries fade away and all I have left is just this beautiful melody that just seeps into my soul.

I guess that’s how it is, when you realized that there are actually some people in this world who understands what you are going through and that you are not alone. Such comforting thoughts, that regardless whether the one who wrote the song is completely a stranger to you, still his words mean a lot.

If only I have the talent in singing, I am probably rocking the world by now, but unfortunately I don’t.

But no worries, Maybe someday. 🙂