So for all the people in Manila, Haven’t you heard that LIFEHOUSE is coming here! Yes!, Jason and the gang are gonna be BaaccKKK! 

And so I’m thinking of going since I missed their previous concert here. I don’t know if my budget will allow me though. Its crazy! Prices are sky-high. It’s worth it though, yeah, I think. I mean its LIFEHOUSE!!! They are insanely great! and Jason is insanely HOT!

Anyway, So what’s your favorite LIFEHOUSE song? I have tons, but I must say that I can really relate to the song “BLIND”. It’s quite a sad song, but no worries, I’m quite a sad girl. 

Enough about that. So for those of you who are a fan of their Music and have the financial resources:

Check them out on May 26,2012. They’ll be performing in Araneta Coliseum. 🙂

So maybe I’ll come, or not? 😦

I’ll let you guys know.

disclaimer: the video is not mine!
Credits to Lifehouse and
just to where the credit is due! 🙂