So I wake up today still  with a heavy heart. 

I don’t know, Maybe this is what happens, when you’re really unsure of things in your life.

Unsure of the things that you are pursuing. Unsure of yourself.

I feel like a damsel in distress, but there’s no one to save me.

Is it weird that sometimes, I just wished that someone can come and just take me away from it all?

Away from this lonesome feeling, away from this uncertainty, away from the problems of life.

But maybe I can never really escape uncertainty and all this kinds of negative feelings,

when I’m uncertain about myself.

But where does certainty comes from anyway?

Does it happen when suddenly you found something you are good at and then you are happy to pursue it?

Does it come with the talent that you knew you have from the start and you have the resources to hone it?

Does it involve making decisions that took you long enough to arrived?

Or does it include making unsure choices and then finding yourself in the end.

But then again, maybe certainty is never on the menu.

Maybe all we have to do is try and if we fail, the we should try again.

Maybe I need to take more chances and be not afraid even it it didn’t turn out as I expect.

Maybe all we need is just a little bit of faith and confidence in ourselves.

There I go again, with all my “Maybe’s”

This just goes to show that life really is full of uncertainties.

That’s just how life roll.

But I know I have to have the confidence and be certain about myself, then everything will follow!

But how can I be certain about myself?

That I do not know. I guess it takes a little more time than 22 years to be able to say that I am certainly certain about who I am.

But then again, its just a guess. So hopefully someday, we will all know.