I’m thinking about what else to write about and I thought its a good idea to write a  SBT or the “SHOULD BE TOGETHER” post every week. So obviously, SBT will revolve around the couple/s whom I think should be together by now, but unfortunately they are not.

So my first SBT couple is none other than RYAN GOSLING and RACHEL McADAMS!!!!!

Who could forget the undying love that they portrayed in “The Notebook”? One of  my most favorite romance novels/movies of all time! I swear someday, when I’m married I will force to watch my husband to watch that movie over and over! LOL!

So If you have been reading my blogs, then you guys probably know that Ryan Gosling is numero uno in my hollywood hot guy fantasy! And yeah, I was kinda thinking to put me and him as my number 1 SBT couple and that’ll be totally crazy. But If I have to lose Ryan Gosling to another girl? Then I’d rather lose him to the classical beauty, Rachel McAdams. 

They were the perfect couple. And sure, they have their own lives now but the fan in me thinks that THEY SHOULD BE TOGETHER.