I want to be someone with unwavering faith.

Someone who believes that everything happens for a reason.

Someone who listens and never questions.

Someone who faces challenges without fears,

Because he just knows he can trust in Him.


But I am not that person, or at least not right now.

Because in times of deep troubles, I immediately bow.

My questions starts filling in, my frustrations filling me.

I just don’t understand why things are not what I want them to be.


I know it’s not right to be this way.

I’m supposed to trust His plans.

I’m supposed to kneel and pray.

I’m supposed to let Him lead my life.

and that’s not the case.


But Someday, I hope I can let go of my fears.

I hope somday I can just trust and believe.

I hope someday I’ll  stop questioning and start listening.

I hope that day will come soon, because when it does,

I know I’ll be happy and that’s when I can say that I am now a woman of great faith.