So here’s a song called “My Never” by Blue October.

I never really liked the month, October, because its always the time of year that I feel so sad, and I lost my Father almost 20 years ago on the same month but I like Blue October! There’s something in their songs that some how takes me to a place wherein I can feel the intensity of the words and pain, or love. I can’t explain it, but somehow, I think they are one of the really great bands there is.

Anyway, This song, My Never, probably its one of the saddest songs I have ever heard. Yea, I know, just like most of my works, It is also about a love that can never happen. Maybe you’re thinking that that’s my kind of thing, But it’s not. But It’s one of the few things that I actually know something about, and you know what they say, You should write about things that you know. Hope you guys like it! 🙂





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