My Random Convo with my dearest friend and fellow blogger Naiz a.k.a silly bluff.

Scene: We were so tired after shopping all day we decided to grab a bite. While eating…

(we call each other, ming! it’s like our bff code)

Naiz: Ming, Is it so weird that I have never been to Manila Ocean Park?

Me: No, not at all. I’ve never been there too. I mean, I went there once with my co-workers but we only ate in the resto, I’ve never been inside as well.

Naiz: Really? Maybe one of this days, I’ll go there.

Me: Ming, Yah, or maybe when I finally have bf, we’ll all go, you and your bf, and me and my future bf? lol. How about that?  Promise you won’t go there until I have a bf then the 4 of us can go?

Naiz: No, Ming. Never mind. I don’t think I can wait that long. lol

Me: What are u talking about? I’m serious. Promise me?

Naiz: No. seriously. Sometimes I worry about you, not being able to find someone. I mean you are so choosy, or I don’t know maybe you just haven’t found your true love yet but I really hope soon you do.

Me: Hope so too. and you know I’m not choosy, I’m just waiting for love to happen. I don’t feel like settling for someone just because I need to have a relationship. I want something deep and true.

Naiz: Yeah, Right. You know I believe you but Still I’m not making that promise. lol