This week’s SBT (SHOULD BE TOGETHER) is somehow different from the past SBT’s that I wrote.

It’s different on two main points:

1. Unlike my previous entries that involve HOLLYWOOD COUPLES, my entry this week involves a Philippine Celebrity.

2. I’m gonna be pairing that celebrity to a non-showbiz personality but nonetheless I think they are perfect together. 🙂

So, Are you guys ready to know who are this week’s SBT couple?

It is none other than:


XIAN LIM and my friend and fellow blogger, NAIZ. 🙂

For those of you who do not know XIAN LIM, He is this ridiculously HANDSOME Filipino-Chinese Actor here in the Philippines.  He started out as a model then he did a few supporting roles until he got casted as the leading man in “MY BINONDO GIRL” , a local TV series that was broadcasted last 2011. From then on, Xian Lim, became a household name here in the Philippines. His popularity became viral. Every girl is going ga-ga over him. I mean, who wouldn’t, he’s tall, he has a great physique, not to mention his to die for looks that can definitely give you a heart attack.


In my opinion, He is the dreamiest guy in Philippine TV which brings me back to the point that he should be together with my friend, Naiz. Considering that XIan is already getting too much attention from the public, I think he ought to be with someone who’s not in the limelight. He deserves to be with someone who can be there for him without the drama and without worrying about what the people will think. He needs someone who can give him enough attention and someone who is willing to just be  behind him every step of the way, that’s why he should date a non-showbiz girl.

And out of every non-showbiz girls out there, I think he should date, Naiz, because she is fun-loving yet sincere. She knows how to make guy laugh. She is true to herself and she does not pretend to be someone she’s not. Although she is not famous as the actresses being linked to him, I think she shines brightest than everybody else because she has this optimistic views about life and she never hesitates to share her smile.

No offense meant to Naiz’s bf or Xian’s gf (if he has one), but if ever you guys became single at the same time, You two should look each other up. I think you guys would make a very fine couple. 🙂 And if ever you guys end up together, remember that I am the first “xianaizter”. 🙂


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