For some reason, Everytime, I watched “ONE TREE HILL” I feel uncharacteristically optimistic about life. Yes. Everyone, I’m an OTH addict or should I say “I was”. I stopped watching when Lucas and Peyton left the series. I have never set my eyes on a single episode of Season 7 and so on. But as for Season 1-6, I can say that I’m definitely hooked. I was a teen when I started watching OTH, and although the American set-up of the series if far from the set-up of my life, I feel that I’m connected with it in more ways than one. (I know waht some of you guys are thinking…. “My god, what a geek! did she actually say that she felt connected to a series?”) Uh huh, yes you read it right. I really do feel connected even now that I’m no longer a teenager.

Unlike some series that just revolves on petty teenage dramas and craziness. OTH gives a whole new perspective to life. It tackle different problems of the youth and even the problems that adults are facing. Its story is not merely about highschool love affairs but also about true love that can stand the test of time. It gives hope to the hopeless and tells us that we are bigger than our problems. It is about not giving up despite the all the dificulties. It is about standing for what you believe in and battling for truth. It is about the reality is not like a walk in the park. Life is really hard but we all just have to look past all the hardships because there will always be a silver lining. Its about teenagers trying to understand their parents and Parents trying to understand their kids. Its about a lot of things. It is a multi-faceted drama that just gives life a positive turn despite everything.

And if you guys are following my blog, then I think you all have an idea as to who my favorite character is, and yes, your guys are right again! Its none other than, Peyton.

Sometimes, I think in a way, I am like her. I mean when I first saw the first episode of the first season, I immediately knew that she’ll be my favorite character, especially when I heard “HANDS DOWN” by Dashboard Confessional playing in the background. Maybe its because we have the same taste in music and maybe its because we are both sad in nature. I’m kinda wishing that I have her legs though. I mean Lucas is right, she really does have nice legs. Anyway, She is a very inspiring character. Imagine, from being a lonely, distracted teenager, to becoming a successful record producer, to being the wife of her true love and mother to her kid. Its just amazing to see that kind of journey even if it is just in the series.


So.. Everyone! If you are an OTH fan. Care to share who your favorite OTH character is and why?

Hope to hear from ya. 🙂