When you found something that you think the world of, It is but right to give it your best efforts in order to win him/her over. You would want to be the best version of yourself, someone that he/she can be proud of. You would want him/her to feel loved and wanted. You would want him?her to know exactly how you feel and how you intend to just be true no matter what.

Thise are just few of the things I’m betting you would do for the person you love. And if you are lucky, the person you love will be grateful that you have those kinds of feelings for him/her or even luckier when you find him/her feeling all the same things that you do, then he/she will decide to love you back. BUt this isn’t the perfect world. No every love can be reciprocated, not every feelings is accepted.

What happens then, if the object of your affection just doesn’t care if you feel that way? What if he/she just don’t think of you the way you think of him/her? What if he just couldn’t take everything that you are willing to give? What will happen? What would you do?

Feel free to answer if you have any thoughts to share. 🙂