Yesterday, I had undergone Excisonal biopsy. Though it wasn’t my first time to have that procedure, I was still anxious about it. My request for the doctor to stitch me up in the same area of my old stitch wasn’t granted. It sucks but oh well, what can I do. The procedure is less than an hour long, I was wide awake the whole time it was happenning. I even saw the lump being removed.

After the procedure, I have a couple of worries in my mind.

1. The scar- I feel like I’m gonna be having body image disturbance because of it. lol. Maybe someday when I’m rich or I have someone else’s paycheck I can have like scar revisioning surgery or maybe I can try those really expensive creams that promise to remove scars as if it were never there.

2.The result- Ofcourse, I would want the result to be non-cancerous. Doctor said its a very high possibility that it is, but we wouldn’t know for sure until we get the results, which is by the way 2-weeks from yesterday. What a bummer, right? I would’ve wanted to know right away. Waiting is the hardest part but I’m hoping for the best. Fingers crossed. ๐Ÿ™‚


Anyway, Im still a feeling a little sore, I can hardly lift my left arm and it is quite painful hopefully in the next few days It’ll be a lot better.