Yes. That’s one of the many curious questions that stays in my head. Few years ago, I was just an average to student battling sleep during class discussions. Trying to avoid making bad choices. Just merely trying to pass every subjects that I have at that moment.


Life was just simple then: Going to school, Acting like your listening, Answering exams, Being with your friends. But at that time, no one really thought of it as simple. At that time, I think it was already complicated. I used to worry about it not submitting the requirements, failing an exam or two, Not being able to answer in a recitation. Then it hit me, LIFE IS NEVER REALLY SIMPLE.


I just think of the past years is simple because I already survived it. I already made it through those complex years and all the worries I had then, is no longer a threat. And back then though, I had numerous uncertainties, I have one specific goal and that was to finish college one specific method called studying was all I needed to do to finish college. And so I did.


A few years later, Here I am. With one plain goal, that is to be somebody someday. That’s the hardest part.

Unlike being in school where all you need to do is to study and then you’re good to go.

Real life is different. There is no single plan that I can take in order for me to reach my goal, Even the goal, is vague itself. I mean, be somebody, it doesn’t necessarily mean that, I need to be a celebrity of some sort, although, that is kind of a plausible option as well. I just want to be able to express myself and show others that I am good at something. I wanted to touch people’s lives.


I know, I know. My explanation is not really that much help. But you see, we can never really explain our dreams and goals with our words. All we can do is try to come up with decent interpretation of what we want to achieve. I know, most of you have dreams that only you, yourself can understand. But when we achieved our goals, everything will make perfect sense.


And when the time comes that we achieved our goals, whatever that is. Then we wouldn’t have to explain it. Everyone around us will just know that we made it through the complexities of life. 🙂