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Another long deep breath

for a closing argument.

Another awkward silence

in the heated moment.

Afraid to say something wrong.

She said nothing at all.

He’s been waiting for so long.

Her answers are stalled.

He wants to talk about it.

She doesn’t want to argue.

He tried to say what’s in his head.

She believed it was untrue.

Doubt fills up her heart.

He’s slowly drifting away.

He was looking for a reason

for him to even stay.

She just let it all passed by.

She think It’ll be over soon.

He caught another’s eye.

The attention made him swoon.

While she pretended everything will be alright.

though that’s not what her heart and mind tells.

He decided to spend the night,

Not with her but with somebody else.

I think about how the sound of rain puts me in trance

The glow of the sun as it shines with each glance

The rhythm of the wind as it passes me by

The heartbreaking part when I said goodbye.

Scenic scenes I wish you still could see

The better one you hoped that I would be.

The things I did to make you proud.

Maybe you are still watching up above the clouds.

I think about those times I spent away from you

I can never get that back.

The love you had given me

though at times I lost track

I wished I was there enough for you.

because I know I wasn’t there enough.

I wished I could have given you more.

I wished I made you laugh.

One day, We will all meet up again.

I know you will love as you love me then.

P.S. Missing you Grandma.

RIP 9/4/1930-8/31/2011

She was gone,,.

And no matter how bright the sun shines, 

there’s still this incomprehensible coldness in him.


She was gone…

And no matter how high he reached,

he still cannot touch her.


She was gone…

And no matter how much effort he exerts,

he still can’t get over her lost.


She was gone…

And no matter how hard he works for his all his dreams,

but his dream to have her back again can never come true.


Because she was gone.

She was taken away from this life

and she is not coming back.

Only in the glimpse of his past can he see,

the beauty that meant the world to him.


He lost his first believer when he lost her.

He lost the propeller of his plane.

He lost his dear mother.

He’s trying to move on.

But I know his smiles will never be the same.



Since it’s mother’s day here tomorrow, here’s a little something for all the mothers out there. 

Happy Mother’s Day!



Mom, I will always remember….

How you love me for who I am.

No Pretensions, No lies.

You just love me, and you don’t have any “WHY’s”,


Mom, I will always remember….

How gentle is your touch.

Every time I am wounded

I know you get hurt as much


Mom, I will always remeber….

How you kiss my troubles away.

When I lose myself in darkness

You still find me anyway.

When I am weak and Shaken

 You just stayed by my side.

No matter how crazy I would get,

You never seem to mind.


Mom, Will you always remember….

that I love you just the same.

Though at times I may not show it, 

But I’m truly thankful that I have you every step of the way.


Mom, Will you keep in mind….

That without you I’d be lost.

Without you, I may not make it.

So thanks for being strong.


And if at times, I ignore you or just passed you by.

Please know that I am sorry and I’ll try to be better next time.



The love of a mother is as endless as the sea.

The love of a mother is as timeless as can be.

It knows no limits, no boundaries nor end.

She can be a mother, a fighter, or a friend.

Can you really imagine that kind of love?

So pure and priceless, perfect gift from above.

Free-flowing as a river, transcending like a stream.

With her tender guidance, she taught us how to dream.

Someday I hope she can finally see

She is the type of person we would all like to be.

Someone who is compassionate and genuinely sincere.

Someone so loving and someone so dear.

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I’ve been writing about a lot of stuff ever since I was a kid.  But I never write anything about my Mom. Sure I write about my dreams, goals, sadness, frustrations, the father I never had, broken dreams, and a love that can never happen but haven’t written a single thing about my mom. So now I am writing one. So Every one, Let me tell you something about her.

My mom is by far the strongest person I know. Despite all the hardships and trials, she never gives up. Being widowed at 35 and left with a 3 y/o and 4 y/o daughters. I don’t know where she got the strength from and how she was able to surpassed all that but I’m glad that she did because If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t be here writing about it. She gives and gives without expecting anything in return. She works hard to make ends meet. I know this sounds like a cliche but she really did try to be the father and mother to us. Juggling two jobs and still finding time to prepare a home-cooked meal. Most times I think she is making-up for the loss of my father that’s why she’s trying so hard to make us feel loved and wanted and ease the pain of not having a dad. Although sad to say that I still feel that I missed out a lot in life by not knowing what it’s like to have a dad. But just the efforts that she is doing, It really means a lot to me.


I know that If she could then she’ll take away all the pains and troubles that I have.

I know that If she could then she’ll reach all my dreams for me.

I remember how she gives up  the things that she needs just to buy us things that we want so that we won’t be envious to other kids.


That’s how great of a mom she is.

And that’s an unimaginable love that  only a mother can give. A love that’s so pure, undying, selfless and unconditional. A love that a child could never forget.


And most of the time I am so absorbed with my losses that I forget that every time I lose, she  also loses. Like when I lost my dad, she lost a husband as well.

And when I lost my grand dad (Angkong), she lost a helping hand.

And when I lost my Grandma, she lost her mother.

I overlooked the fact that I am not the only person who gets lonely. She also gets lonely too. 


But she handles such adversities with calmness and faith. She is truly a woman of beauty and grace. She doesn’t bow down to challenges, she faces them with confidence and courage.  


And now that my sister and I are all grown-up and we somehow are able to lighten up her load.  She still continues to work twice as hard for us  and so that she can help out our other relatives in need. 


She has such a big heart and such a great soul. And I love her because she never gives up on me and she always pushes me to be the best version of myself.

And If  someday I  turn out just at least half the person that she is, then I’m lucky, because I know I’ll also be a good wife and a great mother! Thank you, Mama! I love you.


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