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I seldom watch TV programs. I am so busy at work and if I am not working then I am sleeping. During my days off, I usually bum around the house and watch movies or series in the web. I hardly watch any local programs and news but just yesterday I was preparing to go to work and I had a few minutes to spare so I decided to watch the news…

As I turned on the TV, A news headline immediately popped in…

“52 kids died in Cambodia due to mysterious illness.”

That is just not the type of news that I would want to hear. It is so sad, 52 kids who still haven’t experienced everything the world has to offer, and now they never will. It is alarming how this mysterious virus attacked the immune system. From what I have read in article, symptoms include high fever and respiratory difficulties then it will proceed further from there and it may lead to system shutdown and neurologic problems.

I also read that somehow this disease is caused by a virus that can cause paralysis, brain swelling and may eventually lead to death. It is also said to be easily spreadable through coughing, sneezing and contact to infected bodily fluids.Cambodian government are still on the process of investigating this said disease.

Here in the Philippines, the government is taking precautions by putting up thermal scanners in airport and especially monitoring the passengers who went to Cambodia.

Let’s all hope and pray that there will be no further cases of deaths attributed to the said disease and will not spread worldwide. Let us also hope that Cambodia will be able to find a cure and a way to stop the illness from spreading so that no other children will go through such untimely demise.

To those who loss a child/children because of this disease, I am really very sorry for your loss.


If you want to read the article that I read

Here’s the link:


Warning: Do not read this if you are eating. It contains words like blood, fluids, bleeding and whatever.

Many of you knew that I had excisional biopsy done less than 3 weeks ago. And I was relieved that it was over and done and I got the results just last sunday, and it was a good result, it is not cancer. (Thank God) 🙂

So that’s the good news however, earlier this week, I had experienced some pain from my then, dried surgical wound. I started to notice little drops of blood in my shirt. I thought that it was a part of scab that was accidentally scratch, hence, the minor bleeding but yesterday morning I just got home from my 8pm-5am job, I changed the dressing, I noticed that after less than an hour, the dressing is soaked with fluid with a little blood. I still didn’t mind it and just decided to change it again and I sleep. I woke up at noon and surprised to see the dressing soaked in blood. So I called my friend, Karen, and asked her if she can come with me to a nearby hospital. I was supposed to have my checked up that day at 5pm in a different hospital which is an hour away from my place but I couldn’t wait anymore, I was so nervous so we went to a hospital nearby, I was informed that, the bleeding is a complication of the surgery. I was told that somehow after the surgery an internal bleeding which causes hematoma formation in the surgical site. From the outside it seemed dry, but inside tissues are not healed and blood, fluids and whatever stuff is trapped inside which resulted to the tenderness, inflammation and pain. The doctor told me that we’re gonna have to open it up a little bit so that the bodily fluids stuck inside can be pushed out. I was so scared but I have to get it over with so I decided to have that procedure right away.

It was a really painful experience and seeing a lot of blood and fluis didn’t help my nerves. I was sobbing and crying the entire time it was happening. But I’m glad it’s over now and I live to write about it. 🙂

Doctor advised me to take 7 days rest, so now I am at home, with time in my hands. I’m still in pain and still havng a hard time moving my left hand because the pain radiates to it  so I only used my right hand for typing but nonetheless I’m feeling okay now and I hope to feel a lot better this coming days. 🙂


I’ve missed writing, I haven’t written anything for 10 days.

Yesterday, I had undergone Excisonal biopsy. Though it wasn’t my first time to have that procedure, I was still anxious about it. My request for the doctor to stitch me up in the same area of my old stitch wasn’t granted. It sucks but oh well, what can I do. The procedure is less than an hour long, I was wide awake the whole time it was happenning. I even saw the lump being removed.

After the procedure, I have a couple of worries in my mind.

1. The scar- I feel like I’m gonna be having body image disturbance because of it. lol. Maybe someday when I’m rich or I have someone else’s paycheck I can have like scar revisioning surgery or maybe I can try those really expensive creams that promise to remove scars as if it were never there.

2.The result- Ofcourse, I would want the result to be non-cancerous. Doctor said its a very high possibility that it is, but we wouldn’t know for sure until we get the results, which is by the way 2-weeks from yesterday. What a bummer, right? I would’ve wanted to know right away. Waiting is the hardest part but I’m hoping for the best. Fingers crossed. 🙂


Anyway, Im still a feeling a little sore, I can hardly lift my left arm and it is quite painful hopefully in the next few days It’ll be a lot better.

It was Sept 2009 when I had a minor surgery done in order to remove a cyst in my left breast and it was diagnosed as fibroadenoma. For those of you who are not familiar with the term, Fibroadenomas, are non-cancerous breast lumps that are usually common to adolescent to young adult women. It is highly movable and painless and usually a biopsy is done in order to confirm the diagnosis.

Now, less than 3 years later, I am going under the knife again! and it is for the same reason.

Yes, my doctor decided to take out another cyst in my breast just to make sure that it is also fibroadenoma. The procedure is called excisional biopsy. It is a procedure that involves surgical excision of the lump and a small amount of normal tissue and then sending the excised lump to the lab for biopsy in order to confirm non-malignancy . Though the possibility of it being cancer is low , I still worry about it and imagining the worst. Yes, how predictable it is, that the lonely girl is also a pessimist. lol.

Anyway, I have my fingers crossed about tomorrow. It’s a simple operation and performed under a local anesthesai but I’m anxious about it and anxious about the scar. I requested the doctor to stitch me up at the same place of my previous operation, hopefully, she’ll grant my request.

Please include me in your prayers. Keep safe! 🙂

I was 19 when I found a mass in my left breast when I was practicing BSE (Breast Self-examination). At first, I thought it was just nothing, that maybe I’m gonna be having my period that’s why it felt so lumpy or something. I let a few weeks passed by and forgot all about it. Until one day, I decided to do BSE again and then there it was. It was now so hard as in a SOLID form that can easily be palpated and one thing really scary about it is that even when I’m in an upright position I can still palpate it. I got scared but its a good thing that it was movable so somehow it has higher possibility that it is benign.

******FYI, In doing BSE, you are suppose to put your hand in the back of your head while lying down.

******FYI,If the tumor is movable, in almost all cases, it is benign (not cancerous), but now there are some cases where the cancer cells mutated unpredicatably, that despite its movability, it still turned out to be cancerous.

I immediately told my mom about, she didn’t panicked but I can tell that she was shocked by the news. I also told my friends about it and one friend of mine, whose mom is a cancer survivor offered me her help and accompanied me in the clinic of her Mom’s Oncologist.

When we arrived at the clinic, waiting is the hardest part, I sat between a woman who has had her left breast removed and another woman who has had both of her breast removed. I just had a terrible feeling that I might be looking into my future, really scary. I got really paranoid and my friend, Izah noticed it. When the time comes to enter the room, I was so nervous and I feel awkward because its a guy doctor and really it is awkward. After the consultation, the doctor told me that there is a high possibility that it may be just a benign tumor but to know for sure, I should just have it extracted. And I did.

Five days before my 20th birthday, My mom and Izah came with me for my breast cystectomy. It was a quick procedure though, like less than a hour but the I have to wait after a week for the result.

Waiting for the results is too painful. I find myself on most times, imagining the worst, having cancer, losing my breast, not being able to get married, and dying. I could not bear the thought of not being able to get married and have a happy family, and if I can’t do that, then what’s there else to live for? Seriously, As the day of the releasing of results drew near, the nerves, fidgetting gets even more crazy. And then, the day comes, I had no one to go with me, so I came to pick-up the results alone. I remember the feeling like I was kind of walking aimlessly. My mind keeps on blanking. And when my name was called, I rush into the counter and took the sealed envelope. I immediately open it and there, I was relieved the word BENIGN suddenly became the best word ever. Suddenly, All my dreams came rushing back at me. It was a good feeling. Like all my hopes and dreams are alive again.