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A frustrated traveler. I think that’s what I can call myself. As a child, I have always dreamed of going around the world. I used to love reading about different counrties and cities and somehow I feel that I am travelling vicariously every time I read. I think I was about 10 when I memorized almost every single country and it’s capital. I was quite dreamer and I still am now.

There are a lot places that I want to go to but it was never the right time or I never had enough money. But It were up to me, I’d be definitely out there, travelling the world, learning languages, taking pictures and eating every native delicacies.

Now,  It still isn’t the right time and I still don’t have the money to get me somewhere I want to be but I will not stop dreaming. Maybe someday, I’ll be able to go around the places that I want to be. I don’t really know how can I be able to do that, maybe I’ll win the lottery or maybe when I have someone else’s pay check or whatever but I know Icant give up on my dreams.

I can’t wait for the day that I’m sitting in the shore of a beach somewhere writing about how marvelous and surreal just looking and drowning of it’s natural beaty or the time when I am in a knee-deep snow and feeling so cold but still making my very first snowman. Or the time when I am in the middle of park where leaves are falling endlessly as wind is blowing them all around. Or the time I’m in a wonderful garden where every flowers bloom around me. I just cant wait to witness every unique majestic view of the different places I want to visit. I can’t wait to see first hand how enchant how every places speak of stories of people and structures and I can’t wait to write all about it.

Someday, hopefully I can. 🙂


I’ll be writing down the list of the places that I wan’t to visit on my next blog.

As what you have read in my previous entry, I have a lot of time to blog now because I was advised to take 7 days rest. So I’ve been having a lot of ME time since yesterday. I don’t have that much to do considering my surgical wound, I can’t really do anything that can cause physical strain so what I was doing is just basically bumming around the house watching “GRIMM” and watching youtube videos and then I realized that I haven’t listened to any boyband songs recently since I became a fan of emo, punk, alternative rock music. So I decided to just watch boyband music videos in youtube. It was really a surreal moment reminiscing the days when we were just so gaga about all the boy bands that seens to have too much testosterone to be put in one group.

So now I am writning about the top 5 boy bands with their songs that I think played a big part of every girl’s fantasy in the 90’s and earlt 2000’s..

5. Boyzone -Love me for a reason

I mean, seriously, what kind of girl wouldn’t be mesmerized with 5 men singing a song about asking a girl to love and to not play with their hearts. They are really adorable. I can not even forget the video of this song, 5 equally great looking guys with a candle-lit background singing about love, it’s like a paradise.  and though  I may not listen to these kind of songs often now but everytime I hear this song I knew, I loved them for a reason.  Lol. 🙂 It’s great that these guys are having a comeback, too bad, Stephen is no longer around,but atleast the kids of this generation can get to know the band as well.

4. LF0-  Summer Girls

Who can ever forget this 3 guys singing about summer and girls and just pure fun? Though Rich Cronin, already passed away. Everytime I think of summer I remember this song and I can’t help but smile. Somehow I think this song never gets old. Definitely something worthy to be the soundtrack of everyone’s summer.:)

3. N’sync- Drivie myself crazy

Yes. I think most people like N’sync best whne their doing their extremely difficult but nonetheless exceedingly brilliant dance routines. But I like ’em more when I heard this song. And I think the video is undoubtedly funny, I mean they all went crazy, literally. 🙂 I think its really cute. And this song, I think a lot of guys can relate to it, I can’t say I can personally but I think the theme of this song is something that can happen in reality, You know how a guy did something wrong and hurt the one he really loves and he can’t get a second chance with her.  And I think tha Lance is incredibly hot in this video, I know he’s gay, but that doesn’t make him less hotter.

2. Westlife- When you’re looking like that

I don’t know about you guys but I have to say that out of all of their songs, this one is my Favorite. I mean its melody and lyrics plus the fact that  Nicky Byrne is such a fox in this video makes me want to just watch and listen to this video all night long. 🙂 It has very catchy tune and I swear I have the words in my head and even the second voice. 🙂

1. Backstreet boys – All I have to give

I cannot say that I am a diehard BSB fan but I have to admit that I have a problem resisting Nick Carter’s charm from time to time. lol. Seriously. And this song and video ain’t helping me fix that problem. The lyrics and their smooth moves just makes me feel like I was 13 again. Hmmm.. These boys are just ever so talented and they have this kind of unique looks and distinctive voices that makes me want to ask themto kiss my problems all away. 🙂

Uh huh, so that’s about it. It is like a trip to memory lane. I feel a whole lot better after watching all these videos. I hope kids of this generation will take time in knowing the songs of  this guys. 🙂

Any thoughts?

Warning: Do not read this if you are eating. It contains words like blood, fluids, bleeding and whatever.

Many of you knew that I had excisional biopsy done less than 3 weeks ago. And I was relieved that it was over and done and I got the results just last sunday, and it was a good result, it is not cancer. (Thank God) 🙂

So that’s the good news however, earlier this week, I had experienced some pain from my then, dried surgical wound. I started to notice little drops of blood in my shirt. I thought that it was a part of scab that was accidentally scratch, hence, the minor bleeding but yesterday morning I just got home from my 8pm-5am job, I changed the dressing, I noticed that after less than an hour, the dressing is soaked with fluid with a little blood. I still didn’t mind it and just decided to change it again and I sleep. I woke up at noon and surprised to see the dressing soaked in blood. So I called my friend, Karen, and asked her if she can come with me to a nearby hospital. I was supposed to have my checked up that day at 5pm in a different hospital which is an hour away from my place but I couldn’t wait anymore, I was so nervous so we went to a hospital nearby, I was informed that, the bleeding is a complication of the surgery. I was told that somehow after the surgery an internal bleeding which causes hematoma formation in the surgical site. From the outside it seemed dry, but inside tissues are not healed and blood, fluids and whatever stuff is trapped inside which resulted to the tenderness, inflammation and pain. The doctor told me that we’re gonna have to open it up a little bit so that the bodily fluids stuck inside can be pushed out. I was so scared but I have to get it over with so I decided to have that procedure right away.

It was a really painful experience and seeing a lot of blood and fluis didn’t help my nerves. I was sobbing and crying the entire time it was happening. But I’m glad it’s over now and I live to write about it. 🙂

Doctor advised me to take 7 days rest, so now I am at home, with time in my hands. I’m still in pain and still havng a hard time moving my left hand because the pain radiates to it  so I only used my right hand for typing but nonetheless I’m feeling okay now and I hope to feel a lot better this coming days. 🙂


I’ve missed writing, I haven’t written anything for 10 days.


Yes. That’s one of the many curious questions that stays in my head. Few years ago, I was just an average to student battling sleep during class discussions. Trying to avoid making bad choices. Just merely trying to pass every subjects that I have at that moment.


Life was just simple then: Going to school, Acting like your listening, Answering exams, Being with your friends. But at that time, no one really thought of it as simple. At that time, I think it was already complicated. I used to worry about it not submitting the requirements, failing an exam or two, Not being able to answer in a recitation. Then it hit me, LIFE IS NEVER REALLY SIMPLE.


I just think of the past years is simple because I already survived it. I already made it through those complex years and all the worries I had then, is no longer a threat. And back then though, I had numerous uncertainties, I have one specific goal and that was to finish college one specific method called studying was all I needed to do to finish college. And so I did.


A few years later, Here I am. With one plain goal, that is to be somebody someday. That’s the hardest part.

Unlike being in school where all you need to do is to study and then you’re good to go.

Real life is different. There is no single plan that I can take in order for me to reach my goal, Even the goal, is vague itself. I mean, be somebody, it doesn’t necessarily mean that, I need to be a celebrity of some sort, although, that is kind of a plausible option as well. I just want to be able to express myself and show others that I am good at something. I wanted to touch people’s lives.


I know, I know. My explanation is not really that much help. But you see, we can never really explain our dreams and goals with our words. All we can do is try to come up with decent interpretation of what we want to achieve. I know, most of you have dreams that only you, yourself can understand. But when we achieved our goals, everything will make perfect sense.


And when the time comes that we achieved our goals, whatever that is. Then we wouldn’t have to explain it. Everyone around us will just know that we made it through the complexities of life. 🙂


Hey guys, I know you are used to me blogging almost everyday. Unfortunately, my schedule doesn’t permit me anymore to blog everyday. It sucks, I know. But that’s life for the poor, if i don’t work, then i’ll starve. Anyway, I’m gonna be blogging as much as I can during my free time so that you guys won’t miss me that much. Hmm, Enough about that.

Here’s PINK with Fuckin Perfect. Despite this song titke being a curse word. It is actually an inspiring song. It is very empowering and encouraging. Everytime I hear this song, it reminds me that we are designed to make bad decisions but that doesn’t make us less perfect. We are perfect in our own way, we should just never quit trying to imrove ourselves and improve the quality of our lives. This song also reminds us that alot of other people will try to pull us down but we shouldn’t listen to them. We should believe in ourselves and trust that as long as we are on the right path then nothing can go wrong. We should reached for our goals and live our dreams. 🙂

P.s. I do not own the video


For some reason, Everytime, I watched “ONE TREE HILL” I feel uncharacteristically optimistic about life. Yes. Everyone, I’m an OTH addict or should I say “I was”. I stopped watching when Lucas and Peyton left the series. I have never set my eyes on a single episode of Season 7 and so on. But as for Season 1-6, I can say that I’m definitely hooked. I was a teen when I started watching OTH, and although the American set-up of the series if far from the set-up of my life, I feel that I’m connected with it in more ways than one. (I know waht some of you guys are thinking…. “My god, what a geek! did she actually say that she felt connected to a series?”) Uh huh, yes you read it right. I really do feel connected even now that I’m no longer a teenager.

Unlike some series that just revolves on petty teenage dramas and craziness. OTH gives a whole new perspective to life. It tackle different problems of the youth and even the problems that adults are facing. Its story is not merely about highschool love affairs but also about true love that can stand the test of time. It gives hope to the hopeless and tells us that we are bigger than our problems. It is about not giving up despite the all the dificulties. It is about standing for what you believe in and battling for truth. It is about the reality is not like a walk in the park. Life is really hard but we all just have to look past all the hardships because there will always be a silver lining. Its about teenagers trying to understand their parents and Parents trying to understand their kids. Its about a lot of things. It is a multi-faceted drama that just gives life a positive turn despite everything.

And if you guys are following my blog, then I think you all have an idea as to who my favorite character is, and yes, your guys are right again! Its none other than, Peyton.

Sometimes, I think in a way, I am like her. I mean when I first saw the first episode of the first season, I immediately knew that she’ll be my favorite character, especially when I heard “HANDS DOWN” by Dashboard Confessional playing in the background. Maybe its because we have the same taste in music and maybe its because we are both sad in nature. I’m kinda wishing that I have her legs though. I mean Lucas is right, she really does have nice legs. Anyway, She is a very inspiring character. Imagine, from being a lonely, distracted teenager, to becoming a successful record producer, to being the wife of her true love and mother to her kid. Its just amazing to see that kind of journey even if it is just in the series.


So.. Everyone! If you are an OTH fan. Care to share who your favorite OTH character is and why?

Hope to hear from ya. 🙂


From how I understand this song, its about being able to live your life to the fullest. It’s about living your life as if you were to die tomorrow. It’s about how we should take chances and to not be afraid to fail.

It’s about how we should not look back to the past with regrets. Our mistakes and shortcomings made us better and wiser.

I just love hearing this song because it is way too good to be ignored. Somehow, this song has its ways of making me feel positive about the future.

I hope we all get to live the rest of our lives in the best way possible.

Hope we all get the chance to have a “ROOFTOP moment” and just scream our hearts out! 🙂


I do not own the video.

I got it from youtube.


So here’s a song called “My Never” by Blue October.

I never really liked the month, October, because its always the time of year that I feel so sad, and I lost my Father almost 20 years ago on the same month but I like Blue October! There’s something in their songs that some how takes me to a place wherein I can feel the intensity of the words and pain, or love. I can’t explain it, but somehow, I think they are one of the really great bands there is.

Anyway, This song, My Never, probably its one of the saddest songs I have ever heard. Yea, I know, just like most of my works, It is also about a love that can never happen. Maybe you’re thinking that that’s my kind of thing, But it’s not. But It’s one of the few things that I actually know something about, and you know what they say, You should write about things that you know. Hope you guys like it! 🙂





Note: I do not own the song and the video

was uploaded by lostinthoughts89 

in Youtube.

Yeah, So I decided to post a song that stays in my mind every week.

I’ll Call it SOTW—- Song of the week! And my first SOTW is Check Yes Juliet!

” Run Baby Run! Forever will be! You and Me.”

This is We the Kings’s song, Check Yes Juliet!  And Yes, I have this song stuck in my head for over a week now. So I decided to blog about it. I know lately, my site is kinda depressing, so sorry about that. My past entries are about my sad stories and lonely poems and my uncertainties in life. Well, they say you should write about things you know, and so far that’s the things that I know. But I am also really in to music so, Let me show you my musical side and not my bat-shit crazy sad side. Lolz.

Anyway, So this song, For a reason, I just can’t get it over my head. Maybe its because of its catchy tune and catchy lyrics. But every time I hear this song, It gives me a really weird energy boost, like a kind of a shock wave. It has a very youthful meaning to it. And it’s about young love.

Who wouldn’t want to hear a song about young ones falling in love and not minding what the others say about them? This song is like a dream. If I were the “Juliet” in this song, I’d probably be really happy to runaway with him. You know, being hand in hand with the person I love and just not caring about anything else in the world because I know that the only thing I care about most in the world is already in my hand!!! Oh, there I am again! Lost in my young love fantasy. Someday, I’ll find love too, hopefully not in a hopeless place! Kidding!

 Anyway, If you haven’t listen to this yet, Please do listen now, or forever hold your piece! And seriously just go listen to it! It’s fun! It’s young! It’s cool!

Let me know what you guys think!



These guys are gonna be coming back her in Manila!

Yes! You got that right, they’ll be at Hard Rock Cafe, Makati City on 

May 28,2012!

I don’t know the ticket prices so if you guys want to check them out just call ticketnet at 911-5555 or visit their website 




Note: So this are just some sad lines from the songs that I like. I just decided to put together a list of song lyrics that have a sad meaning to it. If you have any lines you’d like to add, Feel free to do it! 🙂 And Oh,  I do not own the songs nor the lyrics, I’m just a fan that’s admiring their music and its meaning. 🙂 SO HERE IT IS!

Once upon a time, there was light in my life. Now there’s only love in the dark.

—–Total eclipse of the heart, Bonnie Tyler

The truth is you could slit my throat and with my one last gasping breath, I’d apologized for bleeding on your shirt.

—–You’re so last summer, Taking Back Sunday

And if only I could stop the car and hold on to you and never let go, I’ll never let go.

—–Tiger Lily, Matchbook Romance

The dreams in which I’m dying are the best I ever had.

—–Mad World, Tears for Fears

Does it hurt when you think about me and how broken my heart is?

—–Empty Apartment, Yellowcard

The hardest part of living is just taking breaths to stay.

—–Miserable at Best, Mayday Parade

I’m working on erasing you, Just don’t have the proper tools.

—–Backwards Walk, Frightened Rabbit