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When you met someone that you really like, the tendency is you would want to just record the moment and just want to replay it over and over inside your head. Even the simple details, like what he was wearing, how he smiles, how he says your name, it just kinda stuck. Even the monosyllabic words like yeah, right, cool, they are like music to your ears. And that’s something that you’ll always remember.

I don’t know if you guys agree with me, but I believe that’s just how it is. When you find someone that you truly like, you just want to relive every single moment that you guys were together. You won’t even matter if the guy likes you back or not. Just having that moment with him is already a dream come true.


But ofcourse, We can dream a better dream wherein he just feels the same way and your words are resounding in his head as well. That’d be really perfect. You found this really great guy that you like and then the world suddenly decides to side on you and the person you like actually likes you back.


A girl can dream, right?


But until then Let us just hold on to the words, even if it’s just “THANKS or SEE YA!” because a simple conversation can be an AWESOME start. ❤




So sad. Hope this won’t happen to me. 😦