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I seldom watch TV programs. I am so busy at work and if I am not working then I am sleeping. During my days off, I usually bum around the house and watch movies or series in the web. I hardly watch any local programs and news but just yesterday I was preparing to go to work and I had a few minutes to spare so I decided to watch the news…

As I turned on the TV, A news headline immediately popped in…

“52 kids died in Cambodia due to mysterious illness.”

That is just not the type of news that I would want to hear. It is so sad, 52 kids who still haven’t experienced everything the world has to offer, and now they never will. It is alarming how this mysterious virus attacked the immune system. From what I have read in article, symptoms include high fever and respiratory difficulties then it will proceed further from there and it may lead to system shutdown and neurologic problems.

I also read that somehow this disease is caused by a virus that can cause paralysis, brain swelling and may eventually lead to death. It is also said to be easily spreadable through coughing, sneezing and contact to infected bodily fluids.Cambodian government are still on the process of investigating this said disease.

Here in the Philippines, the government is taking precautions by putting up thermal scanners in airport and especially monitoring the passengers who went to Cambodia.

Let’s all hope and pray that there will be no further cases of deaths attributed to the said disease and will not spread worldwide. Let us also hope that Cambodia will be able to find a cure and a way to stop the illness from spreading so that no other children will go through such untimely demise.

To those who loss a child/children because of this disease, I am really very sorry for your loss.


If you want to read the article that I read

Here’s the link:



It was Sept 2009 when I had a minor surgery done in order to remove a cyst in my left breast and it was diagnosed as fibroadenoma. For those of you who are not familiar with the term, Fibroadenomas, are non-cancerous breast lumps that are usually common to adolescent to young adult women. It is highly movable and painless and usually a biopsy is done in order to confirm the diagnosis.

Now, less than 3 years later, I am going under the knife again! and it is for the same reason.

Yes, my doctor decided to take out another cyst in my breast just to make sure that it is also fibroadenoma. The procedure is called excisional biopsy. It is a procedure that involves surgical excision of the lump and a small amount of normal tissue and then sending the excised lump to the lab for biopsy in order to confirm non-malignancy . Though the possibility of it being cancer is low , I still worry about it and imagining the worst. Yes, how predictable it is, that the lonely girl is also a pessimist. lol.

Anyway, I have my fingers crossed about tomorrow. It’s a simple operation and performed under a local anesthesai but I’m anxious about it and anxious about the scar. I requested the doctor to stitch me up at the same place of my previous operation, hopefully, she’ll grant my request.

Please include me in your prayers. Keep safe! 🙂