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Another long deep breath

for a closing argument.

Another awkward silence

in the heated moment.

Afraid to say something wrong.

She said nothing at all.

He’s been waiting for so long.

Her answers are stalled.

He wants to talk about it.

She doesn’t want to argue.

He tried to say what’s in his head.

She believed it was untrue.

Doubt fills up her heart.

He’s slowly drifting away.

He was looking for a reason

for him to even stay.

She just let it all passed by.

She think It’ll be over soon.

He caught another’s eye.

The attention made him swoon.

While she pretended everything will be alright.

though that’s not what her heart and mind tells.

He decided to spend the night,

Not with her but with somebody else.

Looking inside and wanting to belong,

Curled up in bed with heart beating strong.

Closed lip sighs, another pain locked away.

Vows you want to make but it was never the right day.

Taking a leap, you have been waiting for so long.

Immense in a state where heart is breaking in the sun.

Opened up yourself and wishing him to stay.

But he was never in love, he just cared anyway.

You tell yourself it’s okay. You tried to give your best shot.

But you were never okay with the fact that he loves you not.

You chose to put on a face. So determined, so willing, so brave.

But unraveling the mask, you are trapped in loneliness’s grave.

Crackling sounds of thunder is not helping your case.

Falling is a kind of blunder and believing is such a waste.

You were on the brink of giving up the love you always want.

But just before you were to cut ends loose, he extended his hand.

He reached to you and suddenly you feel no reason to be sad.

Your heart skipped a beat and you swore it was the best day you ever had.

Clouding up in thoughts

while mind speaks frightened words.

Whispers in the wind

but messages remain unheard.

The solitude of a man,

peaceful as the break of dawn.

In a solitary room,

where love was never on.

He has nowhere to go.

No one to turn to for advice.

He is on his own.

Watching himself demise.

Alone in the silence

Left out in the crowd.

With nothing but his thoughts

and the pain screaming loud.

That night that you left,

was the same night that I cried.

That day you were gone,

was  the same day I had none.

You turned your back

and I turned away.

You lost your life

but the pain in me stayed.

Those years that passed,

I wonder how I made it through.

You broke my heart

yet you never had a clue.

There are lots of questions,

questions inside my head.

Why did you have to go?

You should have been with us instead.

Then I feel your hand,

pressed against mine.

Finally, I can see you.

and see your face shine.

But when I opened my eyes,

there was no you.

It was only a dream,

but I wished it was true.

You’re in my thoughts

but I’m alone with my doubts

There’s words in your silence

but I can’t figure it out.

You took a deep breath

while I was holding mine.

And all this time I wondered,

how can your eyes be so thine?

I glanced at you,

and now I never looked away.

Even when your not here,

you’re still the highlight of my day.

I wonder if you have someone there..

Do you think she’s the one?

At times when you need someone to be there for you,

Does she stay and hold you hand?

Maybe I just wonder about you most of the time.

I want to know how your day was.

I want to be able say goodnight.

But these things can’t happen

because I am nowhere in your sight.

“Perhaps we all give the best of our hearts uncritically–to those who hardly think about us in return.”
― T.H. WhiteThe Once and Future King

It makes me wonder what pushed the brilliant author, T.H. White, to write those hauntingly painful words. It makes me want to ask him “Who broke your heart?”.

Well, I guess I will never know why he wrote those words. But I know why I can relate to it. It seems like an arrow was shot directly to my heart. There I go again, with my sad sobby words. Anyway, I think most of us at one point in our lives experienced giving the best of our hearts to people who can’t do the same for us.

And It is such a shame when you have so much love to give but the person you intend to give it to just couldn’t take it. But that’s how love works, you may never know if your love will ever be reciprocated. That’s what’s beautiful about it, the elements of mystery and surprise.

Loving is not a walk in the park especially if the object of affection  does not love you in return.

But True love means not asking for something in return. It does not involve rushing to be in a relationship and it isn’t even about just finding someone to get you through your cold nights!

True love is about learning how to wait patiently for the perfect timing and for the person perfect for you. It’s about giving and giving even more. It’s about knowing that you found that one person that you want to spend you whole life with and making him feel always loved and wanted. Its about respecting yourself and the other person.

How I wish, we could all just find true love and live happily every after, just like in the movies.

But then Again, this is real life and life is what we make it and love like you have never been hurt before.

You walked my way yet you passed me by.

I said hello but you never said “hi”.

I wrote you letters, you never wrote me back.

You just didn’t care,that’s a fact.


So this is what it feels like to be ignored…

Surprisingly, not a very good feeling.

When he’s all that you can think of

and to him you have no meaning.


So this is how it feels to be unwanted… 

When you’re willing to give him the world

and to him you’re just nothing.


I’d like to think that someday….

It will get better.

I’d like to think that someday you will notice.


But until that day comes,

I’ll just settle with the feeling of being ignored.

while you remain unaware of what you are missing. 🙂

She was gone,,.

And no matter how bright the sun shines, 

there’s still this incomprehensible coldness in him.


She was gone…

And no matter how high he reached,

he still cannot touch her.


She was gone…

And no matter how much effort he exerts,

he still can’t get over her lost.


She was gone…

And no matter how hard he works for his all his dreams,

but his dream to have her back again can never come true.


Because she was gone.

She was taken away from this life

and she is not coming back.

Only in the glimpse of his past can he see,

the beauty that meant the world to him.


He lost his first believer when he lost her.

He lost the propeller of his plane.

He lost his dear mother.

He’s trying to move on.

But I know his smiles will never be the same.





And then he was blind because he couldn’t see that

she’s waiting for him to notice her presence.


And then he was deaf because he couldn’t 

hear her heart beating faster than usual because of his presence.


And then he was mute because he couldn’t

speak the words that she would like to hear him say.


And the he was numb because he couldn’t

feel that hurt that she’s feeling.


And then she was gone because she knew that no matter how

hard she tries she’ll never be the person that he yearns for.



So here’s a song called “My Never” by Blue October.

I never really liked the month, October, because its always the time of year that I feel so sad, and I lost my Father almost 20 years ago on the same month but I like Blue October! There’s something in their songs that some how takes me to a place wherein I can feel the intensity of the words and pain, or love. I can’t explain it, but somehow, I think they are one of the really great bands there is.

Anyway, This song, My Never, probably its one of the saddest songs I have ever heard. Yea, I know, just like most of my works, It is also about a love that can never happen. Maybe you’re thinking that that’s my kind of thing, But it’s not. But It’s one of the few things that I actually know something about, and you know what they say, You should write about things that you know. Hope you guys like it! 🙂





Note: I do not own the song and the video

was uploaded by lostinthoughts89 

in Youtube.