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Small talks and Stolen glances

Hands are tied

 But you’re taking chances

Just looking in yet standing outside

smells like another sin.

Stepped a toe out of line

Take your chances, thinking it is fine.

You removed your ring,

Rehearse your lines.

Let the games begin….

He’s playing his cards.

With coolness and suave

She’s taking part, hoping to love.

In the dark. In the night.

Two bodies collide.

She’s playing her heart.

He’s using his mind.

Now He got what he wanted.

He got rid of the heat.

He left her with nothing

but promises he couldn’t keep.

It is a very dark day today.

The sun barely shed its glow.

The wind is blowing relentlessly.

Like it is telling me something I shouldn’t know.

It is a very cold night tonight.

Weather that is so conducive for sleep.

I have always loved nights like this.

But tonight this coldness is keeping me stiff.

It is a really big world out there.

Seven billion people that are trying to find their ways.

Seven billion souls are still figuring out who they are supposed to be.

Seven billion beings trying to survive every day.

It is such a mystery that in there are seven biliion people in this planet.

Yet one still feels isolated from the everyone else.

All shacked up in the corner, invisble to the world.

Imagine, Seven Billion people, yet she faces the world alone.


To think of times you come and go

in the minds of people you didn’t even know

 The coldness of their piercing looks,

because of the path you knowingly took.

You live a life with nothing left,

but all those guilt that seemed unkempt.

Bottled up regrets that keeps you still,

the life of a man that you were so quick to steal.

You are the cultprit, the witness and the victim.

You gain a little yet you lost your dreams.

Wishing everything can end in a blink of an eye.

You wishing the easiest way to die.

But you were long dead even before you die.

You lost for family and friends that night.

You want it all to end so fast

Because you think in  death, you will be free at last.


I know this is a really dark poem.

For some reasons, These words came

to me after reading a story of a murderer

who asked for death penalty but

was given life imprisonmennt.

That night that you left,

was the same night that I cried.

That day you were gone,

was  the same day I had none.

You turned your back

and I turned away.

You lost your life

but the pain in me stayed.

Those years that passed,

I wonder how I made it through.

You broke my heart

yet you never had a clue.

There are lots of questions,

questions inside my head.

Why did you have to go?

You should have been with us instead.

Then I feel your hand,

pressed against mine.

Finally, I can see you.

and see your face shine.

But when I opened my eyes,

there was no you.

It was only a dream,

but I wished it was true.

A life full of secrets

A closet full of regrets

A tormented being

A discontented one


The Tragic dismay of the fallen 

With no one who grieves

With no one who cares

The lost cause is lost forever.


This marks the beginning of the end.

The meaningless journey.

The endless road for the travelling soul.


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Here it goes again, the sadness in her eyes.

Here he goes again with such emotionless goodbye

Here she goes again, holding on to him

Here’s the truth again, She’s just a friend to him


And endless cycle of a love that can never be

A senseless battle with not a single victory

A foolish warrior who does not know how to quit

A hopeless maiden who’s too blind to see defeat


Why does love have to complicate it all?

Their life would be so simple if she had never ever fall

But now its the case and her heart’s about to break

And he’s receiving love that he just couldn’t take


Maybe It’ll be easier if he also feels the same

And they’d both be loving hearing each other’s name

But when it comes to heart we can never teach

No matter how hard the other wished


So maybe this is how it is gonna end

He’ll be the greatest love of her lifetime

and she’ll just stay as a friend.



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When words are lost

and the world turns gray

When love is gone

And you just can’t stay


When wounds are fresh

because our love was ture

It all fell apart

Since the day I lost you


So just go and leave

and never ever look back

Don’t say a word

Don’t tell me where I lack


Don’t say goodbye

Or tell me not to cry

because this pain is too real

I cannot deny


Will there be a chance for us again?

Will we see each other and just be friends?

Will our love survive the test of time?

Or there’s really nothing left for YOU and I.




copyright may 2012

Every one gets lonely sometimes. It is easy to find things that can make us sad but when it comes to finding happiness, we are always having a hard time coming up with one.

Why do people get lonely?  Before I finished typing that question, my mind is already flooded with reasons such as:

  • Death of loved ones
  • Failures
  • Misfortunes
  • Loss of something of value (job, pets, most-priced possessions
  • Worries
  • Insecurities and feeling of being alone
  • Hopelessness

The list could go on. It is normal to be lonely every once in a while but If the loneliness takes a hold of your life then that’s a different situation.

We often hear people say the words “I am so depressed.” It is a random expression when one is having a hard time or going through a rough patch but sometimes it is more than an expression, sometimes it really is DEPRESSION. A state wherein every strand of hope is lost and the sense of powerlessness, distraught, uncertainty and confusion heightens.

DEPRESSION is not necessarily a mental disorder. It maybe one’s reaction to a stimuli or a sudden change.

One can fight it by

  • focusing or diverting his time and energy in doing something more productive
  • seeking advices and support of loved ones
  • staying positive and looking on the bright side
  • exercising
  • doing things that you love to do.
  • praying and seeking guidance from the Lord

But if you feel that loneliness and the feeling of depression does not go away then It wouldn’t hurt to consult doctor about it. Talk to a professional because he can really help you win this battle.

No one needs to face it alone. There are a lot of people who are willing to help.

All you have to do is ask. 🙂