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Since it’s mother’s day here tomorrow, here’s a little something for all the mothers out there. 

Happy Mother’s Day!



Mom, I will always remember….

How you love me for who I am.

No Pretensions, No lies.

You just love me, and you don’t have any “WHY’s”,


Mom, I will always remember….

How gentle is your touch.

Every time I am wounded

I know you get hurt as much


Mom, I will always remeber….

How you kiss my troubles away.

When I lose myself in darkness

You still find me anyway.

When I am weak and Shaken

 You just stayed by my side.

No matter how crazy I would get,

You never seem to mind.


Mom, Will you always remember….

that I love you just the same.

Though at times I may not show it, 

But I’m truly thankful that I have you every step of the way.


Mom, Will you keep in mind….

That without you I’d be lost.

Without you, I may not make it.

So thanks for being strong.


And if at times, I ignore you or just passed you by.

Please know that I am sorry and I’ll try to be better next time.