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Here it goes again, the sadness in her eyes.

Here he goes again with such emotionless goodbye

Here she goes again, holding on to him

Here’s the truth again, She’s just a friend to him


And endless cycle of a love that can never be

A senseless battle with not a single victory

A foolish warrior who does not know how to quit

A hopeless maiden who’s too blind to see defeat


Why does love have to complicate it all?

Their life would be so simple if she had never ever fall

But now its the case and her heart’s about to break

And he’s receiving love that he just couldn’t take


Maybe It’ll be easier if he also feels the same

And they’d both be loving hearing each other’s name

But when it comes to heart we can never teach

No matter how hard the other wished


So maybe this is how it is gonna end

He’ll be the greatest love of her lifetime

and she’ll just stay as a friend.



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