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Truth to be told,

I need you to hold.

My Hand, My Heart.

When can we even start?

Truth to be said,

You piled up in my head.

Your smile, Your skin.

My defenses are turning thin.

That’s the truth locked inside of me.

 I am already setting it free.

Now that you have it in your hands…

Are you going to tell me, Where I should stand?

Just once, I want to know what it feels to not lose you:

Will it be everything I imagined it to be?

Will it be everything I had hoped for?

Will it be everything I wanted to see?

Will I get to see you open the door?


Just once, I want to know what it feels like to never let you go:

To just love you when you’re down

To just love you even more

To just get rid of your frown

and to never keep score


Just once, I want to know how good can it be:

When you decide to choose me

When you wrap me in your arms

When we are really free

When you protect me from harm

and Just US really be


But will I ever know how everything like this feels

When nothing in this list can even seem so real.

And will you ever know exactly how it is?

To be the perfect answer

to someone else’s wish.